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  • Auto tweet new WordPress posts with categories as hashtags in Zapier

    Automatically sending tweets for new posts on your WordPress site is a simple task with Zapier. Recently, though, I wanted to add hashtags for each category assigned to the WordPress post and include that in the tweet as well. Can Zapier accommodate this? Yes, it can, although it turned out to be a bit more […]

  • Should you enable automatic updates in WordPress?

    One of the headline features in the recent release of WordPress 5.5 was the ability to enable automatic plugin and theme updates. This follows the inclusion of automatic core updates in WP 3.7. On paper, the arguments for automatic updates are compelling. They’re the fastest and most reliable way to patch security exploits, for instance, […]

  • Dashboard problems after updating to WordPress 5.5? Install this plugin.

    WordPress 5.5 was released last night, and it began the long process of updating the bundled jQuery javascript library to a more current version. Unfortunately, it also broke a number of plugins and themes, causing javascript errors and strange behavior throughout the dashboard and front end. The first problem I noticed on my site were […]