About Johnathon Williams

Selfie of the author.

Hi, I’m Johnathon Williams

I’m a writer and photographer who spends a lot of time coding web sites. It took me approximately 4 years to settle on that sentence as my personal elevator pitch.

The book

My first book, The Road to Happiness, was published in 2012. It was on the poetry best seller list for a single week, which means it sold a whopping 15 copies.

Print store

My print store features some of my favorite photos to date. It may sound silly, but every single order that comes through lights up my soul like a new filament in a dead lightbulb.


My friend Ash Bowen and I edited an online poetry magazine called Linebreak for many years. It’s defunct now, but the archives are still online and well worth perusing.

Bio in brief
Bio in brief

I started my career as a newspaper journalist in 1999, and would probably still be a journalist, if that industry hadn’t decided, at every possible turn, to self-immolate in a decade long temper tantrum against the Internet.

From there I began programming web sites and web applications while continuing to write essays and poems.

I spent 4 years in poetry school, and earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas. My financial future and my marriage will probably never recover from that experience, but it was still the most exciting, educational, and productive time of my life to date.

Along the way, photography became more and more a part of my life, until 2019 when it more or less saved my life. Now, my camera and I are inseparable.

I live in Fayetteville, AR with my wife and our five children. I know, five is a lot. Don’t @ me.